I’ve been busy!


The week on holiday has been a gift, as it has given me time to really improve my knitting and crafting skills. I’ve made a tea cosy that is awaiting some knitting roses to adorn it, and I’ve begun hand-stitching a pillow that will when it’s finished be appearing on Etsy and be available to purchase.

The only thing I haven’t got round to doing is learning to crochet, but that will be a challenge for another day.




making leaving gifts.


two very dear teachers at my school announced today that they are being made redundant.

there has been a pretty big outcry and a petition going round to try and stop them from leaving, but in case it doesn’t work out, I’m making them each a cushion or tea cosy.

I want to make them something really beautiful for them to treasure.

The start of something.


I am really quite excited to set up this WordPress blog and it will (hopefully) be the start of making awesome, cute arts and crafts to show, sell or give away as gifts :D

I don’t really have anything else t0 write as my introductory post, but if you’re even vaguely interested, feel free to tag along with this blog for a few weeks as I add photos of everything I make and do.